As the saying goes, necessity is the mother of invention.

As a mother, I hold dear the cherished years spent nurturing our five children at home. Life was a whirlwind, yet every moment spent loving and caring for my kids remains an irreplaceable treasure.

Growing up in the heart of a bustling Filipino kitchen, I had the privilege of being my dad’s sous-chef, watching in awe as he conjured up savory delicacies. I also learned the secrets of my mom’s incredible baking. This rich culinary upbringing instilled in me a deep love for cooking. Ensuring our family shared meals became a tradition, even as life’s path led us in countless directions.

Then, in 2020, like so many, our family was hit hard by the pandemic.

While the world shut down, both my husband and I found ourselves jobless. With so much uncertainty, and frankly, time on my hands, I ended up back in the kitchen doing what I love. When it became clear that my family could only eat so much lumpia and pancit, I started offering extras to neighbors and friends. On a whim, I put the word out on my social media as a joke with the hashtag #placeyourordersnow! Word spread, orders began streaming in, and Luna’s Lunpias was born!

I could have never predicted how my passion for Filipino cooking and Covid-weary families desperate to add variety to their time-worn home cooking would collide! To meet the growing demand, I refined my processes, sourced the freshest ingredients, and introduced innovative menu items such as the beloved pancit, LUNpias cake, exquisite ube treats, and specialty dessert lumpias.

Today, my contemporary twist on Filipino classics is savored throughout Southern California, with my business expanding into neighboring states. I am thankful for the unwavering support of my family and community, who have been instrumental in Luna’s LUNpias’ continued success. Food, as a universal language, has allowed me to connect with diverse individuals, near and far, while doing what I cherish the most.